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theBizTour mission is to help companies expand their businesses throughout Europe. Based in Berlin and Madrid, we mainly work in these markets and also keep strong connections with many other countries in Europe.



Customer discovery

Market research

Customer contact

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Customer discovery


The most important task for a company is finding its customers. The approach to this goal will be different from country to country…

We help you identify the right ones in Germany or Spain.

We created this multi-step process to help companies, especially startups, enter a new market.


 Market research


The first challenge in a new market is knowing it. A Google search provides some information, but using the local language, sources and contacts provide the necessary and in-depth information.

  • Market size
  • Competitors: products, investment raised, metrics, founders’ profiles
  • Accelerators and VC in the area
  • Events
  • Relevant people


 Customer contact


The next step is to get in contact with customers. Following the Lean approach, we focus on in-person interviews to get the best feedback.

  • Customer profile
  • Existing alternatives
  • Interviews:
    • Determine the questions for the problem and solution interviews
    • Find the people to be interviewed
    • Carry out the interviews
    • Conclusions report
  • Survey to confirm interviews
  • Next steps report

We work together to customize an approach that fits your specific needs. Contact us today to get started on a personalized plan.


   Information and resources:


theBizTour.com offers information about and resources about and for European startups, companies and markets.

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Berlin is the most developing and exciting market in Europe for startups. With an excellent and affordable quality of life and a strong economy, there are many options to access the market and grow internationally.

You find the best opportunities for startups working in B2B in the area of digital transformation, with strengths in the technical field. It’s also the ideal “place” for those startups rising investment and creating an international organization.

Established in Berlin since 2013, we offer the network and resources to expand your business here.


Discover all the events in Berlin. The perfect tool to guide you to any of the more than 100 weekly events while visiting the city.


>  Madrid

Madrid has a vibrant startup scene with a strong community of entrepreneurs. It’s a good market and facilitates your expansion to the Spanish speaking countries. With a lot of talent, it’s possible to get the perfect partners and providers. You can enjoy the city with a lovely lifestyle.

The best possibilities are for startups and medium-sized companies expanding into Spain in B2B and B2C. Your opportunities and our expertise are in the technical area, with products and services within the digital business.

Based in the Spanish capital since 2007, we can offer all the contacts and know-how you need to succeed here and in all Spanish speaking countries.




Europe is the natural market for your company. TheBizTour offers you a gate to 40 partners in nearly all the countries of the EU, we’ll guide you to the opportunities existing in the European market.